Thursday, 31 March 2011

At last.....

At last my first seeds are growing, 1 tomato seed and lots of beans. just need the weather to warm up again to get more things planted. Got the washing almost done, its outside drying and fingers crossed it stays on the line as its blowing a gale out there. Got grandaughter  Rosie here today with her mum. Rosie will be staying tonight when mum goes home after tea. I get to have all the cuddles and smiles to my self, she is such a lovely baby. Must get lunch now whilst Rosie has her nap.
                                             Tracy x

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Time to catch up

      Ok, its been a long time since I last blogged. Too much time spent helping and visiting others not enough time to write. My grandaughter Rosie is 9 months old now and a pleasure to have stay as often as mum will allow. This has to be around visiting my dad in hospital ( he's had radiotherapy for his cancer)  and taking my mum for physiotherapy for a trapped nerve, she's use to walking at least 8 miles+ most days and now can't walk more than a few yards because of the pain. So when we visit my dad we have to take her in a wheelchair. Dad needs 24hr care at the moment until he recovers more from his treatment so will need to go to a hospice for respite care to get stronger. Hopefully by then mum will be back to normal and able to cope (with our support) with looking after him. So it looks like we will be visiting for a while to come. This means long days for OH as he works all day until 5pm then we go visiting mostly not eating until 9/9:30pm. So I seem to be trying to do the house and garden in dribs and drabs when I can.
     The veg patch has been prepared and so far have got the following in the ground
  * Red onion sets
  * Garlic
  * Spring Onions
  * Radishes
  * Peas
 Also the canes are up for the runner beans and french beans. These are planted in trays indoors along with all the tomato seeds, sweet peppers, chilli peppers, courgettes and some herbs. I still need to get some salad leaves in. It rained overnight here so that saves me having to water the veg patch. It means drying the washing indoors though as everywhere outside is still wet and it looks like we have more to come, well the garden needs it as this month has been quite dry. Well must go and sort the cleaning, ironing and dinner to get ready for the kids to cook while we are at the hospital. Hope to blog more regularly as time permits.
                                                Tracy x