Sunday, 15 May 2011

Catching up again .....

                     Well dad is more or less back to where he was before he got the sickness bug. The only thing now is he is refusing to eat or drink anything just relying on the food and liquid he is getting through his peg. This will keep him alive etc but the longer he goes without swallowing anything the less likely he will be able to come off the peg.  Mum keeps trying to push him to eat but he is stubborn and refuses so we still have a way to go before he will be allowed home.
                      Had Rosie stay Friday night and all day yesterday, she is an angel to be with. She is into everything, crawls so fast now and climbs up anything she can. She won't be long before she takes her first steps then there will be no stopping her.
                      Well I broke my self imposed rule of not watching the Eurovision song contest. What a waste of my time! I stopped watching years ago as the voting was far to political. This year Blue represented us (my daughter and I are big Blue fans) and the voting system is supposed to be different - 50% public based. Well same old, same old! Countries voting for their neighbours and allies so predictable so we came 11th even Jedward (Ireland) were above us in 8th place. So I will not be watching again as it is still political and not about the music.
                      On the garden front the replacement bean plants have germinated so when big enough will get planted out. The tomato plants have been potted on, have bought 2 sweet pepper plants and re-potted them, could do with a couple more. The chilli's are growing but really slowly probably  because the temperature has dropped a few degrees since we have had some rain over the past week or so. I just hope the hot spell we had wasn't our summer! Well must get on, still so much more to tidy and clear in the garden.

                                                     Tracy x

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Where did April go .......

           So April disappeared in a blur of hospital visits and trying to keep on top of the house and garden. Not doing a very good job of this!! Dad was doing really well, starting to try eating and drinking in very small amounts. The consultant had said as soon as he could swallow a bit better and a care package put in place he would be able to go home. Then 2 weeks ago the Norovirus ( sickness and diarrhoea) bug hit the ward. The ward has been closed, you were allowed to visit but at your own risk. Mum got the bug and couldn't visit until 72 hours after stopping being sick, she said it was the worst she had felt in her life.
           Dad got it, was sick for 24 hours then needed to be put on a drip again to rehydrate him. The last 3 days have seen him recover from the bug but now he doesn't seem to know where he is, he keeps saying things like he's coming home and who's coming to pick me up. On Thursday he was insistent that he had to get out of bed and look at a tree that he needed to cut down. When I went to visit in the evening he was sat on the bed with he feed pump in his hand waiting for me to pick him up. I don't know how long he had been sat there but he was really cold and it took quite a while to settle him into bed and warm him up. He was so cold that they couldn't get the machine to register his pulse when they did the blood pressure checks.
             Mum eventually got to talk to a doctor yesterday, they said they aren't sure what is wrong, his blood is ok, he isn't dehydrated, they checked his urine and that's fine. He has lost so much weight he now looks like a walking skeleton. The doctor says she will get the nutritionist to up his food intake through the peg and send him for a full scan next week. So we play the waiting game yet again. It's really upsetting and worrying (especially for mum as he has even started swearing at her telling her to leave him alone) he has never been like this before. Hope he's better tonight when we visit.
             So the garden and house get done as and when. I have lost a few beans due to a couple of sharp frosts so have planted more seeds (hopefully they will catch up quickly) this was even after having covered them. Today I hope to get some more compost ready for potting up the tomatoes. I will also have to buy some sweet pepper plants as I've planted 2 lots now and had no success with germination, never had a problem before. It rained (at last) overnight so that's 1 less job to do, need to catch up on loads more though. Must get on or nothing will get done, will try and update more often if hopefully life gets a bit less hectic.

                                                Tracy x