Monday, 14 September 2009

Well good start to the year.
Greenhouse bought, set up and planted with tomatoes (4 varieties), sweet peppers and hot chilli peppers. All start to set fruit, tomatoes have loads of fruit and just start to get good ripe pickings when tomato blight hits. Have to remove all tomato plants from greenhouse and destroy them. Manage to save some of the fruit that wasn't affected. So now have a greenhouse with just chilli's and peppers. These were unaffected and are fruiting well thankfully! In vegetable patch have grown runner beans (easy, more than enough for us 5 and some for freezer), french climbing beans (reasonable crop) and courgettes (need more plants next year as 4 couldn't meet demands of my lot). Also grew broccoli and purple sprouting broccoli DISASTER! All plants devoured by catterpillars, millions of them urgh! Will have to re-think my veg planning for next year.

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