Sunday, 15 May 2011

Catching up again .....

                     Well dad is more or less back to where he was before he got the sickness bug. The only thing now is he is refusing to eat or drink anything just relying on the food and liquid he is getting through his peg. This will keep him alive etc but the longer he goes without swallowing anything the less likely he will be able to come off the peg.  Mum keeps trying to push him to eat but he is stubborn and refuses so we still have a way to go before he will be allowed home.
                      Had Rosie stay Friday night and all day yesterday, she is an angel to be with. She is into everything, crawls so fast now and climbs up anything she can. She won't be long before she takes her first steps then there will be no stopping her.
                      Well I broke my self imposed rule of not watching the Eurovision song contest. What a waste of my time! I stopped watching years ago as the voting was far to political. This year Blue represented us (my daughter and I are big Blue fans) and the voting system is supposed to be different - 50% public based. Well same old, same old! Countries voting for their neighbours and allies so predictable so we came 11th even Jedward (Ireland) were above us in 8th place. So I will not be watching again as it is still political and not about the music.
                      On the garden front the replacement bean plants have germinated so when big enough will get planted out. The tomato plants have been potted on, have bought 2 sweet pepper plants and re-potted them, could do with a couple more. The chilli's are growing but really slowly probably  because the temperature has dropped a few degrees since we have had some rain over the past week or so. I just hope the hot spell we had wasn't our summer! Well must get on, still so much more to tidy and clear in the garden.

                                                     Tracy x


  1. Just thought I'd drop by to say hello; I like to be in touch with those who drop by my blog whenever I can trace them!
    So sorry to read about your parents' declining health. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not yet immortal (but I'm working on it!) and the good health I take for granted isn't always guaranteed. A sharp reminder is BH's MS which she was diagnosed with aat the tender age of 35, although she continues to be as active as the condition allows.
    Our garden is suffering slight neglect due to the awful weather; we had a whole week of gardening days and since then it has been all but impossible to get on - jobs need doing but it's either windy or raining or both! Those brassicas in the cold frame really need planting out and the bed's all prepared, but it's blowing a near gale and rain's forecast again...
    Anyway, you don't want to listen to my rantings, so all the best; happy blogging!

  2. popped by to say hello and hope everything is okay with you?

    Gill in Canada