Monday, 11 April 2011

Improving slowly ......

                Well Saturday saw dad on oxygen, on intravenous antibiotics and with a fan trying to cool him down. He looked a little better but still felt really ill. We went to see him again yesterday and what a huge difference dad was sat up in bed no oxygen and he looked a far better colour than he has for ages. He is still on the antibiotics but he was talking and even cracking a few jokes ( this he hasn't done in weeks). Lets hope this signals the start of the long recovery period.
                I got the lawns cut and some of the lawn edging done (more still to do), got the majority of the washing caught up with unfortunately our very (in)considerate neighbour decided to light a very smokey barbecue even though he could see the washing out for both me and his other neighbour. So both of us had to rush to get damp washing in before they stank of smoke. So that will need finishing off today then the mountain of ironing to do. Hope to get more of the garden sorted today as well before visiting dad again tonight (fingers crossed for even more improvement) it would be nice to get him back home but only when he is fit enough. Well must get washing dry before the rain comes in later this morning.
                                                        Tracy x

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