Friday, 8 April 2011

Lack of communication ......

        This was between the hospital and our local district nurse. So instead of dad going into the hospice for respite care until back on his feet he was discharged from the hospital and sent home (Wednesday afternoon). Mum is still struggling to walk and was left with dad to look after, put his medicines through the peg (tube in his stomach), and connect his feed up with the district nurse coming once a day in the morning to do the early meds and a carer to help dress him. Well mum was up most of the night with dad coughing and nearly chocking (lots of sputum due to radiotherapy). Yesterday morning the district nurse came did dads meds and helped him to his chair as dad felt faint and unstable walking. District nurse then came back at lunch to do his meds again and brought a doctor to check on dad. The doctor said he had been discharged to soon and sent for an ambulance to re-admit him into hospital. So last night we were at a&e until 10:00 pm when they admitted dad onto a ward. So now we're back to square one trying to get him respite care.
        On the up side of things I have Rosie again for the day, her smile always cheers me up no matter how tired or down hearted I feel. So today will be spent catching up on chores, playing games with Rosie and visiting again. Hopefully I will get some more seed planting and tidying the garden done over the weekend (fingers crossed) and visiting dad.

                                             Tracy  x

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